In order to breed the best you have to start with the best. This is why the original herd of Alpacas comes from Quintessence Alpacas in Chile. Quintessence Alpacas have been breeding alpacas for over 25 years and are a global leader when it comes to breeding Alpacas. They are also the only Alpaca company that has exported to over 12 countries. And at the moment they are the biggest private farm in the world outside of Peru. They have also become fully vertical in the production of Alpaca wool.

Rodrigo De La Garza is one of the owners of Quintessence Alpaca and has been breeding Alpacas for over 15 years. With his meticulous knowledge on breeding elite Alpacas matched with Peters Novak entrepreneurial and global business perspective ACA Ranch took life and Imported its first herd of Elite Females and Studs into Poland in The fall of 2018.

At the moment the average micron count of the herd is 17 as opposed to the average micron of the market being 21. Having a low micron Alpacas is only part of the formula. The other key elements are the alpacas productivity and flawless phenotype. This is why the Studs are key to the success of any Alpaca Ranch and ACA has taken that very seriously. The idea is that every generation improves in quality.

The herd is composed of a large variety of colors due to the fact Rodrigo likes to breed for color. When it comes to breeding, you need color to get color. And of course there is a base of white, which is always in high demand as well.
Our philosophy is quality over quantity that is why we will only sell a selected amount of Alpaca every year in order to ensure that our clients receive the best Alpacas and this also allows us to support them in their journey to be Elite Alpaca breeders.

We have a diversified membership across multiple top tier Alpaca Associations throughout Europe.

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