Alpacas are considered to be the breeding stock of the future. Not only because of the high profit potential, but also because these animals are relatively easy to raise and their low cost of maintenance. At ACA Alpacas we are breeding and raising elite alpacas that have and will yield extremely low micron Alpacas with perfect conformation.

Alpacas do not destroy the terrain and they do well in a small area of ​​land. So there does not need to be a huge investment in land. Breeding and caring for them is easy, it takes one worker to watch and take care of a herd of up to 150 alpacas. They mainly eat grass, which reduces their forage requirements. We do recommend to also give them special feed and hay just in order to keep their diet balanced and maintain the quality of the Alpaca. Alpacas are intelligent, elegant and very friendly animals. They have high resistance to all diseases, and they easily adapt to the new environment. The animals can be insured against illness or loss.

Not only are Alpacas a fantastic investment as a breeding stock but they produce one of the best natural fiber in the world. That is of course when the alpacas are bred correctly. It takes years to improve the generations of alpacas. We believe that we have started with elite alpacas that will stand out among the rest of the Alpacas in the market. Alpaca wool is warmer than wool, hypo allergentic, fire retardant, and rival cashmere in softness. That is why it is used by some of the best fashion houses in the world, such as Loro Piana.

Starting an alpaca business requires a lot of preparation. Each potential investor should first create a business plan in which will define the financial possibilities. And we will be happy to help guide the investor in every step of this endeavor. The most important is to define the amount of alpacas that the new herd will have. This will give a base in order to estimate the growth of the herd over the years which will at the end show the profitability of the investment.

In an area such as alpaca farming, business requires considerable financial resources to start. The purchase of one alpaca can cost anywhere from 2500 PLN to 80,000 PLN- the price depends on the breed, age, sex, pedigree, conformation, and quality of thei wool. ACA Alpacas prides itself on breeding same of the best Alpacas in Europe that originally came from Chile with a flawless pedigree.

At the moment there is a small number of these animals in Poland, as in the rest of Europe, the demand for them is constantly growing, and supplies are still small. That’s why we think now is the time to invest in alpacas. Demand is high, supplies are small – that is the definition for a successful business.

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